Bruce Arians on HBO’s Hard Knocks: ‘It’s a total distraction’

Since its debut in 2001, HBO’s reality sports series Hard Knocks has covered the preseason preparation of a different NFL team every year.

The NFL recently announced that if there are no volunteers to appear on the show next season, a team will be chosen by the league. The hosts of SiriusXM’s Late Hits asked Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians how he’d react if the Cardinals were that team.

“I think it’s a total distraction, and I think it’s an embarrassment to the players,” Arians said. “I think when players are released, and some of the things that are said between coaches and players are too personal, and nobody else’s business.”

Late Hits airs weekdays at 8 pm ET on SiriusXM NFL Radio, channel 88.

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