If you were to be told by your boss that you had to work 80 hours per week instead of 40, but your pay wouldn’t increase, you probably wouldn’t be too happy, either.

Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely joined SiriusXM NFL Radio Friday and, well, stated the obvious regarding a reformatted extra point.

“If you talk to kickers, uniformly, we’re against it,” Feely said. “Because you’re taking our jobs, and you’re making it twice as hard, with no tangible benefit to us.”

Feely also explained, though, that kickers won’t be the only group of NFL players against a rumored rule change that would push extra points back approximately 20 yards.

You’re talking 60-70 plays, almost 80 with the Denver Broncos this year, where you have extra points. And for the most part, you do a safe defense. You’ll have three safeties, and you’re not really rushing hard, because you know that it is a foregone conclusion. If you move it back to a 38- or 43-yard extra point, now you’re gonna rush hard like you would on a field goal, because you have the opportunity, defensively, to have an impact on that kick. It’s a play where there’s a risk of injury – players are vulnerable, they’re legs are extended, the offensive lineman, the tight ends, the fullbacks that are on the protection unit for a PAT field goal – and you’re adding 60, 70 plays a year where now, you’re in a situation where you can get hurt. So obviously, the players don’t wanna see that.

Feely continued to predict that kickers would connect on about 85 percent of the more difficult extra points, and warned that with a change, playoff berths could be affected by missed PATs.

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