First, a little background.

Bobby Moynihan, the Saturday Night Live actor whose most famous character is “Drunk Uncle,” appeared in character at the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy relief show at Madison Square Garden. Annnnd he flopped.

A short time later, Opie, Anthony and Jim Norton criticized – and that’s putting it lightly – Moynihan’s appearance at the show.

Fast forward a few more months, and it was revealed by Sam Roberts on The Opie & Anthony Show that Moynihan was a diehard O&A fan – and he heard the audio of their criticism of his appearance. The four brought up the original bit on air, had some more fun and admitted they felt bad that they went so hard on someone who was a fan of the show – even though the bit was probably deserving of a shellacking.

OK, now you’re caught up.

So this week on The Opie & Anthony Show, Moynihan finally appeared in studio to talk about that appearance – and about how he found out that Opie and Anthony ripped into it.

“[One] night I said, ‘I haven’t listened to O&A for a while; let me go to YouTube, see what’s going on,'” Moynihan recalled. “One of the first things that comes up is ‘O&A Drunk Uncle.’ And I’m like, ‘What are the chances?’ And honestly, my first thought was they do something called Drunk Uncle. And I hadn’t seen it, I got terrified, listened to it – and then I was like, ‘Oh, no. It’s the complete opposite.'”

“You jumped on the homeless cake – the homeless cake of my life,” Moynihan joked.

The SNL star continued to offer some background on the adverse circumstances he was dealing with prior to going on stage at Madison Square Garden.

“Two days before it happened, I got a thing from SNL saying, ‘Hey, do you wanna do this thing?’ In my mind I was like, ‘Oh, they asked me to do something. This is very nice. Yeah, sure, I’ll do it,'” Moynihan said. “And then I very slowly found out, you know, it was MSG, and then was like, ‘Oh, no. That’s terrifying.’ And then when they said, ‘You’re gonna get dressed before you go,’ – like, in costume, before – I was like, ‘Well, that seems like a silly idea, I feel like I should just go and get dressed there.’ And that was when I knew it was gonna be the weirdest night ever; getting in the car dressed in a costume and Bill Clinton is standing there, and you’re like, ‘Oh, hi, hello, I have a fake drink in my hand.’ It was pretty rough.”

Walking around before the show in costume? Check. Running into a former president in said costume? Check. How about another check: Following somebody who bombed on stage.

“I went on between Kanye West and Billy Joel,” Moynihan said. “Not only did [Kanye] go too long, he was in a kilt and a mask, and the last 45 seconds of it were just him screaming, I believe, the word ‘hate,’ just screaming something. And then he threw the mic thing, and [the crowd was then] like, ‘Well, here comes this fat dude in a costume.'”

How bad was it looking for Moynihan before he went out there with Seth Meyers? Chris Rock even tried to pull some weight and get him out of it.

Right before I went on, Chris Rock was like, “Hey man, don’t do it! Hey, I got an idea: Don’t go out there. They’re gonna tear you apart. Is Lorne here? Let me talk to Lorne, I’ll see if I can get you out of it.” And I was like, “This is gonna be the worst.” And he was like, “Oh yeah, they’re gonna hate it.” … It was almost the best thing that could’ve happened, because five seconds before I went out, I literally was like, “Well, I’m gonna see how fast I can get through this, because they [the crowd] did not want it.” And Kanye West finished, and I walked out to a sea of people just standing up to go get beers.

And here’s the bit Opie, Anthony, Jim and Moynihan were referring to:


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