Rock And Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top recently stopped by SiriusXM studios in NYC for a special Renegade Guacamole Fiesta in Outlaw Country (Ch. 60), celebrating his first ever solo album Perfectamundo.

Speaking to host Meredith Ochs and an audience of lucky SiriusXM subscribers, Gibbons discussed the sound on his new record, which differs greatly from the sound of ZZ Top.

“This is a hard left turn into uncharted waters, it just happens to be 90-miles across the straits of Florida — It’s Afro-Cuban Blues,” Gibbons said. “The first track is actually a composition from Slim Harpo ‘Got Love If You Want It,’ which is a cha cha.”

Following the interview, Gibbons proved he was just as talented in the kitchen as he is on guitar, as he whipped up a batch of his legendary Renegade Guacamole on the spot. Plus, he shared the secret ingredients with us, so you can try it for yourself at home!

Billy Gibbons Perfectamundo Renegade Guacamole Fiesta airs Saturday 11/14 at 1 pm ET, with rebroadcasts on Sunday 11/15 at noon and 5 pm ET, Monday 11/16 at 8 pm ET and Tuesday 11/17 at 11 pm ET.

List of Ingredients from Billy Gibbons’ “Perfectamundo” Renegade Guacamole

(15) Ripe Avocados

(6) Limes

(1) Small Jar Crushed Garlic

(6) Fresh Jalapeño Peppers

(6) Bunches Cilantro

(1) Small bottle Ketchup

(1) Jar Pace Picante Hot Sauce (Medium Hotness)

(1) Jar Tostitos Queso

Plus: Salt & Pepper to taste

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