He’s talented, eccentric and wild. But not everything there is to know about Billy Bob Thornton fits into the box of his public persona. In fact, you’d be surprised to know what other passions he has besides movie making, hell raising and beautiful women. For one thing, Thornton is a history buff.

“My dad was a history teacher and I always wanted to be a history teacher. Like really wanted to be a history teacher,” he told the SiriusXM Hits 1 Morning Mash Up! Crew.

And even more surprising? He loves tap.

“When I was growing up, for some reason I always wanted to be able to tap dance. I would watch these tap dancers on TV and … I always thought, ‘What a skill.’ I don’t understand it at all … it seems like nuclear physics to me. But I was always fascinated by it.”

Thornton also spoke to the crew about his cameo in the Entourage movie, and how much fun he had on set.

“I figured I’d be playing myself but he’d actually written a character for me who is a Texas oil billionaire who finances Ari’s movies. It was really fun.”

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