Give the Toronto Blue Jays Troy Tulowitzki, David Price and an eight game winning streak, and suddenly a New York Yankees American League East crown doesn’t seem like such a sure a thing.

Whichever way the division goes, the way the wild card race is taking shaping, both teams have a strong shot at playing baseball this October. But which of the two teams is better built to make a deep run in the playoffs? Adam Schein answered the question on Mad Dog Sports Radio.

“The Toronto Blue Jays look like a team capable of making a World Series run,” Schein said. “The better baseball team —Toronto or New York — is Toronto. And no matter which team wins the division, the Blue Jays have a better chance of moving on in October than the Yankees. I don’t know how anybody could argue the other side of that argument. I think it’s crystal clear that the Toronto Blue Jays are more equipped for a deep run.”

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