Bethenny Frankel clears up rumors about return to The Real Housewives, with Larry Flick

From Bravo reality TV to her own talk show to her Skinny Girl line and now a kid’s book, Bethenny Frankel opened up to Larry Flick recently on The Jolt about her growth and where it’s led her. She also clears up rumors about her returning to The Real Housewives of New York City, which what we’re dying to know about the most!

“I haven’t signed anything … I’m debating which of these projects I should do … Bravo has come to me several times in several years, and we’ve always had a great relationship. I just want to see what happens,” she said.

When comparing her talk show to The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny actually said Bravo was much more natural for her. “I used to say cock and balls daily on Bravo! I was very, very diluted. You’re just constantly moving … and also you’re very handled every minute of the day. I was very comfortable in an environment like Bravo.”

But what’s the bawdy celebrity up to now? Kids books, natch. Frankel talked about her new book Cookie Meets Peanut, and how the timing of the book has been so significant. “I feel right now, in a time of a transformation more then I have in a long time … I used to feel like I was climbing and trying … now it’s different. It feels like I’m transitioning to a different place.”

Bethenny confesses that she has indeed made some mistakes in the past, and like most celebrities, she is very familiar with bad press. In the end, she addresses her haters: “I don’t need to be anybody’s everything! I don’t care if people like me or hate me. As long as they know that I’m telling the truth.”

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