The best part about taking an exam you’ve prepared for is the relief you feel once you’ve completed it and passed. That is of course unless you’re an aspiring cab driver from London and you take The Knowledge exam. The Knowledge is a test based on learning routes covering 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks.This isn’t a on- time exam, either. It’s multiple examinations that could last potentially a lifetime. Preparing for this test is no joke and London Cabbie Robert Lordan can relate. On the most recent episode of the Michael Smerconish program on POTUS, London cabbie Robert Lordan shared his extensive process in preparing for the exam.

“You learn the basics first, which takes a year roughly, and then you move to the examinations, and I was on exams for three and a half years so the process was four and a half years, and I had 27 verbal examinations during that time … and you just keep going until they say you’re good enough essentially,” Lordan said.

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