The year 2013 was filled with breaking news, celebrity gossip, heated politics, and some of the best movies and TV shows in years. Relive the biggest moments with the Best of ’13: SiriusXM Talk – exclusively with SiriusXM On Demand!

Lady Gaga on the Morning Jolt
OutQ, 8/20/13
Lady Gaga joins Larry Flick in-studio to discuss her new album ARTPOP, club culture, the ’80s, and more.

Patriot Forum with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin
SiriusXM Patriot, 11/24/13
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sits down with Breitbart News’ Stephen K. Bannon to discuss his new book Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge and the lessons learned from his Collective Bargaining battle as well as the recall election that he faced and triumphed over. Stephen and Governor Walker lay out how important messaging is in conveying your political point of view, and how Republicans can lead this nation forward in a fiscally responsible manner.

First Lady Michelle Obama with B. Smith and “Thank You Dan”
SiriusXM Urban View, 2/26/13
B. Smith interviews First Lady Michelle Obama, discussing the anniversary of the Let’s Move! program, as well as healthy living and eating habits for your family.

SiriusXM Town Hall with Hugh Jackman
Entertainment Weekly Radio, 5/28/13
Film and Broadway superstar Hugh Jackman sits down with Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle to answer a variety of questions from the studio audience about his career, including this summer’s movie The Wolverine.

SiriusXM Stars Special Report: Human Trafficking
SiriusXM Stars, 6/22/13
SiriusXM host and renowned journalist Perri Peltz delivers interviews recorded with Elizabeth Smart and Withelma “T” Ortiz at a symposium addressing the needs of victims of child sex trafficking, hosted by the Johns Hopkins – Bloomberg School of Public Health. The event, held in May, was in partnership with the Advisory Council on Child Trafficking (ACCT) and the Goldman Sachs Foundation/Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program. Smart and Ortiz bravely recount the events surrounding their own abduction experiences, sharing what transpired emotionally and physically. Topics include: Why it wasn’t easy to run away; how captors manipulate; the long recovery; and the urgent need to educate children starting at a young age about how to deal with situations of this nature.

SiriusXM Town Hall with Mad Money’s Jim Cramer
Indie, 10/4/13
Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money sits down for an in-depth Q&A session with an audience of SiriusXM listeners covering financial markets, fiscal trends, the economic state of the nation, and the story of Cramer’s personal road from hedge fund manager to popular CNBC host.

SiriusXM Town Hall with Cheech & Chong
Raw Dog, 4/25/13
Cheech & Chong sit down for an intimate Q&A session with a select group of fans at the SiriusXM studios in New York City with comedian and SiriusXM host Artie Lange as moderator to celebrate their legendary career.

SiriusXM’s Leading Ladies with Former Senator Olympia Snowe
POTUS, 5/21/13
Julie Mason, host of SiriusXM’s Press Pool on the POTUS Channel, sits down with former Senator Olympia Snowe to discuss her new book, Fighting for Common Ground: How we Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress. During the discussion, the influential Republican Senator shares her experiences on The Hill and he opinion on how to stem the increasing tide of polarization in Congress.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan Live at the 2013 Papal Election Ceremony
The Catholic Channel, 3/9/13
Cardinal Timothy Dolan broadcasts live from Vatican City, discussing the start of The Conclave and a “sense of resolution.”

George Takei on The Agenda
SiriusXM Progress, 8/21/13
George Takei, actor and gay rights advocate, joined Ari Rabin-Havt, host of The Agenda on SiriusXM Progress, to discuss the controversy over Putin’s threat to prosecute gay athletes at the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics, calling the President of the International Olympic Committee a “weak and silent person” for not moving the Olympics.

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