SiriusXM is all about its programmers and hosts. You love them, we love them… they are loved. But there is a team of no-names who work behind the scenes on the SiriusXM website, blog and social media sites that handles the best of SiriusXM every single day. Since we’re on the front lines, we wanted to share with you our favorite moments of the year — our loves. So here, in no particular order, are the top 10 editors’ picks:

Bastille Covers TLC “No Scrubs” On SiriusXM Alt Nation
Indie darlings Bastille came out with a bang in 2013, so when they agreed to do a cover for Alt Nation, we were not expecting a TLC cover. But that’s #sxmLife: Expect the unexpected.

Kanye West and Sway Talk Without Boundaries: Raw and Real on Sway in the Morning
Oh Kanye. Even Sway has a hard time getting a word in edge wise when you get going.

The Avett Brothers “Another is Waiting” LIVE at SiriusXM
This one just didn’t feel like an in-studio performance. Especially because of the chilled-out vibe we got from Scott and Seth. Expert musicianship aside, it felt like we were peaking in on them playing in their parents’ basement, or standing on a Chapel Hill street corner when they used to play for change. It’s just that intimate.

Hugh Jackman Conquers The Cronut on Opie & Anthony Show
This summer the cronut was the new “it” treat here in New York City, and as much as we tried, we just could not get our hands on one. But such things do not escape the reach of Opie & Anthony. Not with Hugh Jackman looking to get his adamantium claws on the confection. And they went one step further by having the cronut’s creator bring it to him.

Earth, Wind & Fire “September” During SiriusXM Artist Confidential
When Earth, Wind & Fire came into the studio for an interview and performance, it became clear even to those of us younger than their hits why they’ve been successful for so long. They are damn good entertainers, damn good musicians and they put on a damn good show.

Robin Williams and Stephen Hawking go to a Strip Club
It was a tough call on Robin Williams’ Town Hall between this clip and the Mrs. Doubtfire Goes Into a Sex Shop clip. But in the end this one won out because of the sheer joy of watching a comic genius riff.

Emeli Sande “Next To Me” Acoustic for SiriusXM Hits 1
Whenever a singer comes in, we can tell pretty quickly how strong his or her pipes are. And Emeli Sande’s got pipes. She nailed this simple rendition of her summer hit Next to Me, making it one of the videos our team couldn’t help but play on repeat.

Snoop Lion Stops By During Cheech & Chong Town Hall On SiriusXM
We’re just surprised the whole studio didn’t go up in smoke when these three got together.

Fitz & The Tantrums Cover The Raconteurs “Steady, As She Goes” On SiriusXM Alt Nation
Great band. Great song. Great cover.

Lorde “Royals” LIVE on SiriusXM
Everyone likes to take credit for discovering Lorde, but we’re about to lay the facts on you. She did her first performance ever in America at SiriusXM for Alt Nation, and here’s the proof. #TruthBomb

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