Selena Gomez has been a friend of SiriusXM Hits 1 since her days on Wizards of Waverly Place. But this time she came back to the SiriusXM studios to talk about the most recent step in her transition from Disney star to full-blown pop star: her new album, Stars Dance.

At the exclusive album premiere party, Selena debuted Stars Dance for the first time and Hits 1 took a break from its usual programming to broadcast the whole thing, as well as an exclusive interview with an audience full of fans.

Hits 1 DJ Mikey Piff, who interviewed Selena at the premiere event, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the  party and dished on what Selena’s really like.

What was your first impression of Selena?

I’ve known her for a long time. She’s a Morning Mash Up listener. She’s by far one of the sweetest people that’s ever walked through these doors. She always remembers everyone’s names, she always treats this place with a lot of respect, and she appreciates everything we do here.

How do you think Selena has changed since you first met her?

She’s more comfortable with herself. She’s always been really nice and sweet when she comes here, and that hasn’t changed at all, which is the best part, but you can obviously see she’s just grown up. She’s more mature, she’s more sure of herself, but otherwise she’s still the same person.

What’s your relationship with her like?

Friendly. From being here so long, I’m familiar with her family. Her father emails me about music every once in a while.

How did the audience respond to hearing Stars Dance?

The album is really different for her. It’s really diverse. The audience is sitting there really soaking it in. It’s the opposite of how she plays the music for her friends — she puts it on in her kitchen, they’re dancing around. She knows if they’re dancing, they like it. In this room, they’re just sitting there, soaking it in, really getting it. Selena just soaked it in herself.

How do you think the album premiere party format changed the tone of the interview?

It was one of the most relaxed, easy-flowing times she’s had here. We had the whole album play before anyone else in the world. That was pretty cool, really the focus. Being in front of a star, people always like it.

How did you balance talking about music and talking about Selena’s life?

I don’t like to prod into people’s personal lives because this is a place where we’re focused on the music. There is a pop culture aspect to it, and I glaze over it because we have a job to do, but at the same time I respect her as a person and as a friend too much to delve into her relationship. There’s a way to finesse it in there — that’s the art of interviewing — and get something out of it.

What did you think of the fact that Taylor Swift told Selena not to get “too personal” on the album?

For someone like Taylor, who is known for writing songs about her relationships, to tell Selena not to make it personal was a little bit surprising because you think of Taylor Swift songs as incredibly personal. The actual real version of Selena’s song seemingly about Justin, Love Will Remember, is not on the album. What we’re hearing is a less personal, maybe less aggressive version of it that still gets the message across in a much more subtle way.

What was your favorite moment from the show?

Probably the family stuff. The one thing people don’t recognize enough is that celebrities are just regular people. She told me she’s already been puked on three times by her new little sister. Once you have a new member to the family, that’s your life. Before she had a little sister, all the pictures on her phone were of her friends but now every other picture on her phone is of her baby sister.

What else would you like to tell people about Selena?

People need to stop putting celebrities up on a pedestal like they’re gods. They’re just regular people, and Selena is, by far, one of the most normal ones. If you walked into a room, you wouldn’t notice her because she’s just doing her thing.

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