Brit rockers Bastille stopped by The Morning Mash Up on Hits 1, where they opened up about everything from whether or not it was acceptable to call in sick to work because you’re hung over to what’s on their tour rider.

While Dan Smith & Co. maintained that they may or may not have performed hung over in the past (it’s not an acceptable excuse to get out of a gig), they’ve also “done a gig before with food poisoning.” “You need a pretty good excuse to get out one of our gigs,” they said. “If we could get away with not working while we were hung over, there would be no music.”

Later, the crew got into their new single, Flaws, which apparently came out first in the U.K. “The first time we released Flaws in the U.K., we literally put it out on a 300 run of seven-inch vinyl, so I don’t think it was ever going to set the world on fire… It’s just quite nice for us, because it’s a song that we really, really like, and in the U.S., singles hang around for a while. So you know, we were so happy that Pompeii did what it did, but we were like, ‘Where do we go next,’ and we were like, ‘We’ll go way back.'”

Finally, the band touched on the contents of their tour rider: “Roast chicken. And whiskey. Not that you need it, but we’ve got a plastic cricket set as well.”

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