Basketball and Beyond with Coach K: Season debut

When you’ve already won four national championships, led Team USA to two consecutive gold medals at the Olympics, and become the all time winningest men’s basketball coach, what’s left to do for legendary Duke head men’s basketball coach and Hall of Famer Mike Krzyzewski? Host a radio show of course!

Airing weekly Thursdays at 6pm ET for the remainder of the college basketball season, Coach K takes to the SiriusXM airwaves on Basketball and Beyond with Coach K on SiriusXM College Sports Nation channel 91. The show, co-hosted by Dave Sims, is in its ninth season, and is available live on the SiriusXM App as well as On Demand.

Don’t forget to check back on the SiriusXM blog each week for a full show recap with highlights and audio, in addition to information on what you can expect on the next edition of Basketball and Beyond with Coach K.

So what was on tap for the first show of the season, a special Friday evening airing on Oct. 25?


August 2012 was a busy time for Coach K. He was over in London leading top NBA stars including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul to an Olympic gold. It was his second gold as head coach, adding to the two he helped win as an assistant coach (1984, 1992).

He returned to U.S. soil and announced that he would not return as head coach, but over the course of the next 10 months, after conversations with Team USA president Jerry Colangelo and his family, Coach K changed his mind.

This week, Coach K talked about his changed mindset and his excitement to coach Team USA for another four-year international cycle, culminating with the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

I thought just before the London Olympics that it would probably be the last time being the national coach. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t sure how long I was still going to coach. I think you have to be an active coach to be coaching the national team. So I wasn’t sure about that. We had a really good year last year, we were 30-6 … my health was good and I knew that I was going to coach for a while. I don’t have a timeline but I knew I was going to coach past the Olympics in Rio. It does give us continuity.


The World Series began Wednesday night, with the Red Sox earning a dominant win. Hall of Fame Cincinnati Reds second baseman and two-time World Series champion Joe Morgan joined the show this week and talked about his career as the predominant base stealer of his generation. Morgan also revealed the baseball player he looked up to in his career.

I was always given the green light. Maury Wills is my hero. When you talk about stealing bases, Maury Wills was the guy I wanted to be like. Wills wasn’t the fastest guy on the team, but he was the quickest. And that’s kind of the way I was. We both had speed, but quickness was our strength. After two steps I could get up to full speed … if we watched the 100-yard dash you’d see sprinters, they get faster as they go and it takes some base runners six or seven steps before they’re up to full speed and that’s the difference between knowing you can steal that base and having the opportunity giving the catcher a chance to throw you out. Speed alone doesn’t make you a base stealer.

Basketball and Beyond with Coach K airs every Thursday at 6pm ET on SiriusXM College Sports Nation (Twitter/Facebook), channel 91, and on the SiriusXM App.

Tune in next Thursday (10/31) as Coach K talks with the head coach of the reigning men’s basketball national champions, Rick Pitino of Louisville.

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