The college basketball season is just around the corner, and with it comes a few rules changes. Duke head men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski discussed the changes on this week’s edition of Basketball and Beyond with Coach K.

Beginning this season, a defender will be called for a foul if they:

  • keep their hand or forearm on an opponent with possession of the ball;
  • put two hands on their opponent;
  • continually jab and opponent with hands or forearms;
  • use their arm to stop their opponent while dribbling.

Last weekend, Coach K led the Blue Devils to a 103-67 preseason exhibition win over Bowie State. He noticed the change immediately based on how the referees were calling the game.

“In our game, there were 53 fouls called, there were 77 free throw attempts,” Krzyzewski said. “I think (this season) you’re going to see a lot more fouls called. It’s almost like the NBA when they’re making the transition from physical to not as physical.”

Krzyzewski explained why the NCAA implemented the new rules.

“The thought behind it is to have more freedom of movement, more scoring,” Krzyzewski said. “Scoring was at the lowest it’s ever been the last 30 years this past season, so they’re looking for ways of making it better.”

One team that will be affected by the rules changes is the defending-champion Louisville Cardinals. Their head coach, Rick Pitino, joined Basketball and Beyond with Coach K this week and talked about the strengths of his program coming off the championship season.

“This may be the best backcourt in terms of talent I’ve ever coached,” Pitino told Krzyzewski. “We’re really missing Gorgui Dieng, we don’t have that shot-blocking ability. The better part of our front court is Montrezl Harrell. He has developed into something very special right now. Our back court plus Montrezl Harrell really I think is something that sticks out.”

Pitino also talked about who his toughest competition will likely be this season.

“I know your team is one of the better teams in the country,” Pitino said. “All of the pro scouts that have come in say they’re really impressed with Kansas and not necessarily just (Andrew) Wiggins, but (Joel) Embiid and (Wayne) Selden Jr., they’re all talking about that.”

“You never know in this business,” Pitino continued, “but I know there’s about seven or eight teams that really stick out on paper. I think (Virginia Commonwealth University) is going to be that team that’s going to come on this season, and there’s probably 12 or 15 teams that have a legitimate shot at a national championship”

Coach K takes to the airwaves Thursdays at 6 pm ET for the remainder of the college basketball season on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. Basketball and Beyond with Coach K, co-hosted by Dave Sims, is in its ninth season, and is available live on Ch. 91, the SiriusXM app, and on SiriusXM On Demand.

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