The Ryan Express rolled into SiriusXM’s New York City studios on Tuesday to sit down for a special SiriusXM Town Hall event. Hosted by Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo, the Town Hall featured a Q&A with SiriusXM subscribers, as well as Ryan’s reflections on his three-decade career as a player, his front office roles with the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, and his projects outside of baseball, including The Nolan Ryan Beef & Barbecue Cookbook.

Of course, the subject of Ryan’s trade from the New York Mets to the California Angels came up, and Mad Dog asked if Ryan felt he had something to prove after being traded. Ryan said there were things in play at the time that make the trade look lopsided in hindsight.

One of the reasons that I was so inconsistent with the Mets is that I was in a top priority reserve Army unit and I had to go back to Houston every other weekend, so I never pitched on a regular basis. Well, my commitment was up after they traded me, so when I went to the Angels, I didn’t have that commitment any longer, and so that’s was why, we were on a four-man rotation, I was able to accumulate all the innings that I did and pitch on a regular basis. And so my circumstances had changed and with Jim [Fregosi], the fact that the trade didn’t work out well for the Mets, I think part of that was contributed to the hand injury he got in spring training.

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Photo credit: Jason Shaltz

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