Balcony parties at Jamie Foxx’s house with Drake + stories about Chris Brown behind-the-scenes

He acts. He sings. He dances. AND he’s funny! The entertainer dropped by Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning to promote his new album Hollywood, in stores May 18 and share stories from his life as an entertainer and  celebrity.

Since launching his career on In Living Color, Jamie Foxx has continued to surprise the world and his naysayers with his talents.

“[Your music career] is impossible,” legendary new jack swing innovator Teddy Riley once told young Jamie still in Wanda form (See Gif).

Grammy wins and millions of records sold later, Foxx told Sway and Co. that his entry to the music world via working was with a then unknown, confident Kanye West. “[Slow Jamz] is wack, [Kanye’s] never gonna make it.”

He reached out to musicians like West through balcony parties at his home which began 15 years ago. “Puff had a room, Missy Elliot had room.” By 2005, those parties branched into Christmas parties filled with A-listers. “Salma Hayek over here, Eddie Murphy over. Snoop and [The] Game and everybody in between [were there].”

Now, he does a new music hour for upcoming artists. You may know a past artist – Drake. From the balcony, he sang to a house of 2,500, “I’m more than just an option,” and the crowd finished the rest.

The Academy Award winner also gave a glimpse into the Chris Brown who the world doesn’t know. “He comes to my crib and dances with my sister who has down syndrome – for hours.” The new father is featured on Jamie’s new song You Changed Me.

Check out the video below for tidbits about Jamie’s parties, his relationship with Chris Brown, his start in music and more!

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