Does the GOP have a behavioral issue? In this week’s Press Pool with Julie Mason, we considered the latest headlines but concluded that really it’s a percentages deal with Republicans and if there were more Democrats in Congress, they’d be fomenting scandal as well.

Similarly, after all the Democratic shirt-rending over the Koch brothers and secretive, big Republican donor conferences, we learned the Democrats are up to the same shenanigans.

Dan Berman, White House editor at Politico, discussed his publication’s coverage of the Democratic Alliance gathering in Chicago, where big Democratic donors meet in secrecy.

Burgess Everett, also from Politico, joined Julie to talk about the accumulated woes of House Republicans — including the kissing congressman, cocaine congressman, the indicted congressman and Steve Stockman.

McKay Coppins from Buzzfeed had a great story this past week about Rep. Paul Ryan’s efforts to fashion a Republican strategy on urban poverty. Awkward? Sincere? both? You decide.

Julie chatted with Josh Rogin of the DailyBeast on his rash of stories spun out from a covert recording of Secretary of State John Kerry at the Trilateral Commission.

And speaking of bad boys, Neil King Jr. of the Wall Street Journal was on the show discussing the latest WSJ/NBC News poll that found no matter what President Obama does, it’s not really helping.

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