Aziz Ansari and George Costanza have something in common: They need to find an air brusher.

Monday on The Howard Stern Show, Ansari revealed that he once got to meet President Barack Obama. Unfortunately for Ansari, the picture he got with the prez isn’t one he can display proudly on his desk.

“What was funny was I brought this girl to the event, who I hadn’t been dating seriously or anything,” Ansari recalled. “We had been kind of hanging out for like a month, maybe dated a couple of times. But I brought her because I wanted to have a date at the event. And then they’re like, ‘All right, well, it’s time for the picture.’ And he brought in both of us, so now I have this photo of me, the president, and this girl I went out with for like a month.”

Ansari also let Howard know that Obama was surprisingly casual during the visit.

“He walked backstage, and so The Roots had performed on this event, and he’s like walking down stairs, and I’m expecting this very serious thing,” Ansari said. “And he just walks down and he sees The Roots and he says, ‘Oh, snap! It’s The Roots! What’s going on!?’ He was giving high-fives, and stuff.”

How’d he greet Ansari?

“Aziz, you’re blowing up man! What’s going on!?”

In addition to telling the story of when he met the president, Ansari also ran down a text message conversation – a very one-sided conversation, for that matter – he had with Blake Lively back in 2011. You can listen to Ansari tell the story of his inability to get in touch with Lively below, or read through the text messages in our recreation of the exchange, below:

Aziz Ansari texts Blake Lively

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