Crispin Glover and his perfect hair talks Back to the Future

Crispin Glover stopped by The Sam Roberts Show, to talk to me about his new movie, Back to the Future, David Letterman, and more. In typical Crispin Glover fashion, things got bizarre, and we had to do the interview out … Continued


Al Roker regrets taking ‘cheap shot’ at de Blasio

Last week on The Opie and Anthony Channel, Al Roker stopper by The Sam Roberts Show because he loves weather. I talked to him about the Olympics, Matt Lauer, Anne Curry, that time he had an accident … and more. … Continued


Why Kevin Hart has 30 million fans on social media

Kevin Hart stopped by The Sam Roberts Show on SiriusXM to talk about being incredibly famous. He’s in the movies Ride Along and About Last Night, he’s friends with Justin Bieber, and apparently he’s incredibly likable. Also he turned his … Continued


Community Star Gillian Jacobs on The Sam Roberts Show

Star of Community Gillian Jacobs stopped by The Sam Roberts Show on The Opie & Anthony Channel, Sirius 206/XM 103 to talk about the new season of the show, her cast mates and, since it’s me, her recent stops at PWG … Continued


Lloyd Kaufman dishes on film directors with Sam Roberts

B-movie king and founder of TROMA films Lloyd Kaufman was on the Sam Roberts Show this week. Lloyd got in to his new movie, Return to Nuke ‘Em High, and his classics like The Toxic Avenger. He also talked about … Continued


Sam Roberts hangs out with Shameless star William H. Macy

The Sam Roberts Show relaunched on The Opie & Anthony Channel this week with the amazing William H Macy in studio. Macy talked to me about the new season of Shameless, how brutal the casting process is, and of course, … Continued


O&A Clip of the Day: Ari Shaffir teaches Jim about Tinder

Just when he thought he knew it all, Jim Norton discovers a new way to find women. Comedian Ari Shaffir stopped by The Opie and Anthony Show Wednesday and introduced the guys to Tinder. Tinder is an app that helps guys … Continued


O&A Clip of the Day: Denny at the holiday party

Old school radio pro Dennis Falcone makes Friday’s O&A Clip of the Day. Dennis has been living his dream, working in radio for years. This year, he’s spent a lot of time annoying the Opie & Anthony audience. He never … Continued


Nick Cannon explains what it’s like being married to Mariah Carey

My pal Nick Cannon was on After O&A Live with me a few days ago. you can tell he’s my pal because he admits to looking at my Instagram, and questions my ethnicity. We get in to how he’s raising … Continued


O&A Clip of the Day: Fun with football

Monday on The Opie & Anthony Show, the guys took a look at Sunday’s football games. Specifically the Miami Dolphins game. Even more specifically, the part where the guy inserted his thumb into the other guy. Look, we’re not sportscasters, … Continued