Jimmy Buffett and Toby Keith are Too Drunk To Karaoke?

Too drunk to karaoke. Is such a thing even possible? Jimmy Buffett and Toby Keith seem to think so. Buffett spoke with Buzz Brainard of The Highway about their new collaboration. During the interview, “beach hillbilly” music came up, so listen below … Continued


LISTEN: Anna Camp talks “True Blood” with Jess Cagle

Anna Camp, the star of Pitch Perfect, is all about her role as Sara Newlin on this season of True Blood. Camp dishes on kissing a severed head, who she based her character on, and she even tells listeners about … Continued


LISTEN: Cheyenne Jackson on Corey Monteith

It’s been a tough summer for the cast of Glee, who lost one of their own, Corey Monteith. Frank DeCaro of OutQ sits down with Cheyenne Jackson, who plays vocal adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby on Glee, to talk about the … Continued


WATCH: John Mayer performs Paper Doll Live on SiriusXM The Spectrum

You saw his prancercize music video for the first single off his new album, but it’s a totally different experience to see John Mayer perform Paper Doll live. Earlier this month, Mayer performed exclusively for SiriusXM fans during his “Born … Continued


WATCH: Taylor Swift gave Selena Gomez advice about getting “too personal” on new album

Before releasing her new album Stars Dance, pop star Selena Gomez played it for friends, taking their advice and reactions to heart, especially helpful insight from someone who would know – Taylor Swift. Watch the video below to hear Selena … Continued


LISTEN: “The Walking Dead” creator says “bad stuff is coming”

When Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead,” stopped by Entertainment Weekly Morning Live at Comic Con 2013 in San Diego, he gave a hint at what’s to come in the 10th anniversary of the graphic novels. And it doesn’t … Continued


“OMG! Mercury Is Retrograde”…Wait, what does that mean?

Communication goes awry, travel delays are inevitable and technology just won’t seem to work properly, but mercury in retrograde doesn’t always have to mean something bad, according to Cosmopolitan magazine astrologer Aurora Tower. Listen to the clip to hear how … Continued


LISTEN: Chris Hardwick gives an inside-scoop on the biggest Comic-Con events

Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick is moderator extraordinaire during the panels at Comic-Con 2013, and he’s talking to Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca on EW Morning Live before it all really kicks into high gear. Hear him talk about his plans for … Continued


Alan Dershowitz on Zimmerman verdict: “Serious prosecutorial misconduct”

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz took time from his vacation to talk with Michael Smerconish and give his view on the George Zimmerman case. Arguing that the charges were off from the beginning, Dershowitz was particularly critical of the prosecution. … Continued


LISTEN: Taylor Schilling definitely shouldn’t quit her day job

Taylor Schilling joined Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up! with Taylor this morning to discuss her new Netflix series Orange is the New Black and it was a straight-up love fest between the two Taylors. They talked sharing a name, becoming friends and, well, … Continued