“I don’t believe people snap,” criminal analyst on Navy Yard shooting

We are all too familiar with the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting. First chaos, then identification, followed by an attempt to answer that all-too elusive question–especially when the attacker doesn’t survive–“Why?” While there are still no clear answers, Criminal … Continued


Is Rep. Alan Grayson winning the war against war?

Following President Obama’s speech about Syria, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) spoke with with Ari Rabin-Havt on The Agenda about his campaign to prevent any military action in the tumultuous Middle Eastern country. Grayson, who has been called “The Democratic Congressman Who … Continued


Robin Quivers breaks silence about battle with cancer

After 15 months of secretly battling cancer, long-time Howard Stern sidekick and close friend Robin Quivers finally felt comfortable revealing her illness on this morning’s show after she says she has beat it. For the first time on air, Robin … Continued


Hits 1: Weekend Countdown (9/7/13)

The queen of the jungle, Katy Perry, is back with her new single Roar – swinging right in at Number 1 this week! While Imagine Dragons and Robin Thicke fall in line right behind her, proving you can’t keep a … Continued