#OandA20: Photos and tweets from Unmasked with Opie & Anthony

Relive Unmasked with Opie & Anthony through tweets and photos.


NBA announces 2014 playoff schedule

While 16 teams knew they were headed to the postseason entering the NBA’s final day, they didn’t necessarily know where they were headed until the end of play Wednesday. After a jam-packed finale of regular season hoops, though, the 2014 … Continued


Cleveland Browns should call New York Giants about Eli Manning, says Jim Miller

If the New York Giants are legitimately concerned Eli Manning is on the decline, the Cleveland Browns ought to pick up the phone. That’s what SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Jim Miller argued Monday afternoon on Movin’ the Chains. “If I’m [Cleveland Browns … Continued


Bowden: Carlos Gomez an ‘MVP-caliber player’

Carlos Gomez‘s hot start for the Milwaukee Brewers isn’t an anomaly, says MLB Network Radio’s Jim Bowden. How much so? Expect Gomez to build on his 2013 campaign and emerge as an MVP candidate in the National League. “After Trout … Continued


Bill Cartwright on New York Knicks heading coaching job: I’m open

If Phil Jackson were to pick up the phone and offer a former New York Knicks All-Star the head coaching job, would he listen? You bet. Bill Cartwright, who played for the Knicks from 1979 to 1988, joined SiriusXM NBA … Continued


Steve Mills takes Spike Lee through the hiring of Phil Jackson

Earlier this week, New York Knicks superfan Spike Lee sat down with Knicks general manager Steve Mills for an exclusive one-on-one interview. The full interview airs Thursday at 7 pm ET on SiriusXM NBA Radio, channel 217. Just days after … Continued


Joe Nathan: I’ve been pitching through dead arm

Joe Nathan‘s Detroit Tigers career hasn’t started out all that smoothly, as the team’s new veteran closer has surrendered two runs, along with three hits and two walks, in his first two outings of the season. Monday on Mad Dog … Continued


Bill Polian: Why adding another playoff team is a good idea for the NFL

In March, commissioner Roger Goodell suggested there may be support among owners to add a seventh playoff team to each conference in the NFL. And while, according to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, there was no discussion at the NFL-NFLPA meeting … Continued


Bobby Moynihan knew his 12/12/12 ‘Drunk Uncle’ bit would flop before it started

First, a little background. Bobby Moynihan, the Saturday Night Live actor whose most famous character is “Drunk Uncle,” appeared in character at the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy relief show at Madison Square Garden. Annnnd he flopped. A short time later, Opie, Anthony and … Continued


Kathy Griffin reads threatening tweets from ‘Lovatics’ on air

You don’t mess with Texas, and you definitely don’t mess with Demi Lovato’s fans. Kathy Griffin learned the latter the hard way. She explained Tuesday morning  on The Howard Stern Show why “the death threats are a-flowing” from Twitter “Lovatics.” “I was tweeting … Continued