Remembering Robin Williams: His stand-up, comics’ tributes and a special SiriusXM Town Hall

All weekend long Raw Dog Comedy Hits will be honoring Robin Williams through his stand-up comedy albums, remembrances from friends and SiriusXM hosts as well as encore presentations of The Town Hall with Robin Williams hosted by Whoopi Goldberg (also airing … Continued


Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg get all romantic on SiriusXM

It started out as a friendly round of the newlywed game. Or, should we say, Jenny’s version of the newlywed game, which wasn’t friendly as much as it was feisty. But it turned into a major love fest right in the SiriusXM … Continued


‘Kermit the Frog Sang to Us!’ – Julia Cunningham takes us behind the scenes of EW Radio

Before she landed her dream job as co-host of EW Radio’s News and Notes, Julia Cunningham was just another pop culture nerd. Q: Why do you love your job? A: I was the kid who got in trouble for not … Continued


The Chainsmokers are bringing their nice hair to SiriusXM

Monthly show premieres Monday 8/18 at 10 pm ET on Electric Area, Ch. 52. Their breakout single #SELFIE was all over the place this year, topping the charts and landing at number six on YouTube’s Top Music Videos of 2014 … Continued


Road trippin’ across America: 14 playlists from SiriusXM

Hit the road Jack, and dontcha come back until you’ve cruised across America to every single one of these epic playlists. Kidding! You could honestly listen to them anytime, anywhere. But, they were crafted by SiriusXM’s experts with the open … Continued


Bethlehem –> Boston: 80s on 8 playlist from Alan Hunter

“Peter Gabriel’s Sledge Hammer and Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime are a couple of my favorites, period, whether you’re on a road trip or not,” says 80s on 8 DJ and original MTV VJ Alan Hunter. “And you’ve always … Continued


Buffalo –> Bethlehem: 90s on 9 playlist from Ron Ross

What makes a great road trip song? “It’s a great song when I’ve flirted with exceeding the speed limit and I’m playing drums on the steering wheel,” says 90s on 9 programmer Ron Ross. “C’mon N Ride It by Quad … Continued


Chicago –> Cleveland

Sometimes just hopping in the car and listening to your favorite songs is the ultimate escape. So any song that mentions cars or driving seem to automatically make you want to take a trip, says Rock and Roll Hall of … Continued


San Francisco –> Reno: The Spectrum playlist from Mark Goodman

Mark Goodman loves the thrill of the drive; the feeling of covering ground in his car. “Being able to take in the sights of this country mile by mile is a truly exhilarating experience,” The Spectrum host says. “Add a … Continued


Cleveland –> Buffalo: A 1st Wave playlist from DJ Richard Blade

Hello, Cleveland! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist the obligatory Spinal Tap reference). Or should we say “Goodbye Cleveland!” You’re about to hit the road from Cleveland, OH to Buffalo, NY and it’s time to switch gears (and channels) to 1st Wave, … Continued