Scary Movie Match-Up Round 2: Supernatural

It’s Stephen King vs. Stephen King in this round, with Carrie going up against The Shining, while that creepy old dude from Poltergeist has to defend himself against a whole cemetery full of dead dogs and cats… and that dead baby … Continued


Scary Movie Match-Up Round 2: Undead

Looks like zombies are beating out vampires with The Lost Boys remaining as the only blood sucker still standing up against the walking dead. [polldaddy poll=7477119] [polldaddy poll=7477117]


Round 2: Scary Movie Bracket Poll

Plenty of horror films got cut (slasher pun intended) in round 1. The only real surprise to some movie buffs might be that the 1980s vampire flick The Lost Boys beat out the original blood sucker, Nosferatu. Otherwise it’s only … Continued


Pearl Jam describes their own legacy and longevity

Pearl Jam is one of the most iconic American rock bands of all time. Their music defined a movement, their fan base is cross-generational, and well into their third decade as a band they continue to release new songs that … Continued


Round 1: Scary Movie Bracket Poll

‘Tis the season to be scared. Really scared. But that begs the question: What is the scariest scare out there? Are you glutton for punishment from slasher films or are satanic movies your instrument of torture? We’re asking you, the … Continued


Scary Movie Match-Up Round 1: Supernatural

Whether it’s paranormal activities, witchcraft or hauntings, supernatural movies have been freaking out moviegoers for decades. But which one made you hear the creaks and groans of your house a whole different way? Vote below on each of four match-ups … Continued


Scary Movie Match-Up Round 1: Satanic

The power of Christ compels you… to pick which demonic flicks scared you half to death. Whether it was Rosemary’s Baby, The Wicker Man, The Omen, or The Children of the Corn, it’s time to damn some Satanic movies and … Continued


Scary Movie Match-Up Round 1: Undead

Whether you love zombies or vampires, one thing is certain, the undead are coming after you. Vote below to let us know which movies you want to see go head-to-head before one stakes its claim as the category champion. [polldaddy … Continued


Scary Movie Match-Up Round 1: Slasher

Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees never said a word, while Freddy Krueger and the voice over the phone in Scream liked to play mind games before the final kill. But one thing is for sure, everyone’s teen years were tormented … Continued


What’s On: Earth, Wind and Fire gets funky and the New York Giants face the Chicago Bears

It’s all about music and sports today. Korn is celebrating the release of their 11th studio album by taking over Octane, James Blunt is hitting up The Pulse for a chat, and Earth, Wind and Fire is bringing the bass … Continued