At The Gates continues reign on this week’s Devil’s Dozen (5/18/15)

Slayer has dethroned At The Gates with When the Stillness Comes on this week’s Liquid Metal Devil’s Dozen countdown! At the Gates doesn’t slide to far down as they come in strong at #2, followed by Exodus’ Blood in Blood out to finish your top 3 Metal tracks of the week. See who else made the list this week and remember to turn your radio dial to channel 40 on Fridays at 6pm ET for the latest Devil’s Dozen.

12. Lamb Of God – “Still Echoes”
11. Skinless – “Serpenticide”
10. Refused – “Elektra”
09. Faith No More – “Superhero”
08. Coal Chamber – “I.O.U. Nothing”
07. Six Feet Under – “Open Coffin Orgy”
06. Noisem – “1132”
05. Byzantine – “The Agonies”
04. Machine Head – “Beneath The Silt”
03. Exodus – “Blood In Blood Out”
02. At The Gates – “Death And The Labyrinth”
01. Slayer – “When The Stillness Comes”

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