Everyone hates them. And several NFL teams may hate that they enforced one when pursuing Peyton Manning two offseasons ago.

Archie Manning revealed Thursday on Mad Dog Unleashed with Chris Russo that John Elway‘s patience with Archie’s son was one of the main reasons Peyton wound up with the Denver Broncos.

“He liked [John] Fox-y, but you know what John did?,” Archie said. “It was just, some teams had deadlines. And Peyton, he kind of got his heart broken one day by leaving this team he’d been with 14 years, and the next day, his charge is to go find a new team. And that was hard.

“I remember one day he’d been dealing with it nine or 10 days, and he said, ‘Dad, this is hard. They all sound good, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go,'” Archie continued. “You know what John didn’t do? He didn’t pressure him, and he didn’t have a deadline.”

Archie also spoke with Mad Dog about how he and his wife dealt with Peyton’s return to football after a year’s worth of neck surgeries.

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