Where do people have real discussions about politics? Your average bar, of course. And that’s precisely where Andrew Wilkow headed recently for a special edition of his show The Wilkow Majority. What did he have in mind? ” [To] do that really old-school, founding generation thing: go into a tavern, talk about the government, talk about politics, talk about economics and take questions, ” Wilkow said.

Broadcasting with him from Emmett O’Lunney’s bar in midtown Manhattan was Matt Kibbe and Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks. The topic of discussion? Everything from the future of the Repulican party, to the new breed of conservatives (The Tea Party), to President Obama’s take on healthcare.

Diving right into healthcare, the three brought up what they exactly think isn’t working with Obamcare. They mentioned that the new Affordable Care Act website has flaws on its end in that it provides a situation that hinders innovation – by presenting few health care choices it essentially prevents citizens from making their own free choices.

“The idea that we have other layers of government, and that innovation comes from a free people, free minds, in a free market is something that’s lost on the political class,” Wilkow said.

To hear more of their thoughts on healthcare, the current state of the government and what they call a situation that is equivalent to a “skrinking pie,” check out the clip below.

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Be sure to check out the whole show on your own time, On Demand.

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