How does a lively discussion on baseball turn into a debate on the death penalty? We found out Thursday when Andrew Cohen from The Atlantic and CBS’s 60 Minutes stopped by The Michael Smerconish Program on POTUS.

Cohen came by to discuss an article he wrote on a recent Gallup poll which found support for the death penalty at its lowest in more than 40 years. But rather than a change in political stances, Cohen believes some Americans just may not understand what these statistics entail. “There’s this misconception that people have about the fairness of the system,” Cohen said.

Two statistics stuck out in particular to Cohen: that 52 percent of Americans believe the death penalty is fairly administered, and that about 40 percent believe the death penalty is applied too infrequently.

Despite a strong core in favor of the death penalty, Cohen predicted that in about 10 years, some things will change. To hear his prediction on the fate of the death penalty and more about the recent poll, listen below.

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