Andrea Mitchell: Until you meet Castro, you don’t understand Havana

For anyone who follows the news, Andrea Mitchell is a woman to be reckoned with, whether you like her or not. She’s traveled the world, challenging American and world leaders alike, not to mention her battle with breast cancer.

When Mitchell came to SiriusXM to talk with Julie Mason for SiriusXM’s Leading Ladies series about her inspirational career, she looked back at one memorable period in particular: Her introduction to Fidel Castro during the immigration/custody crisis over Elian Gonzalez.

“I had gotten to know a lot about Cuba, but until you meet Castro, who personified the state in every way, you really didn’t understand Havana, you didn’t really understand the countryside, the revolution.”

Mitchell went on to talk about her intellectual arguments with Castro, his vigorous ruling style and where she stands on U.S.-Cuba relations. Watch the video to hear more.

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