You know those Klay Thompson trade rumors that keep popping up in your Twitter timeline? Andre Iguodala doesn’t want to hear them.

Thompson’s Golden State Warriors teammate appeared on SiriusXM NBA Radio on Thursday, and voiced his unconditional support for the sharpshooting guard.

“It’s not gonna happen,” Iguodala said of a Thompson trade. “I wanna clear that up right now. We should not trade Klay Thompson. I tell Klay this everyday, I text Klay and say, ‘Don’t worry man, I’m your man, I’m gonna make sure you get paid, I’m gonna get you the max, get you taken care of. Don’t stress.'”

“He’s gonna be a Warrior for life,” Iguodala continued. “I told Klay this: ‘If they’re talking about trading you for Kevin Love, that means you’re getting Kevin Love money.'”

It comes as no surprise, then, who Iguodala sees as key to the Warriors’ success in 2014-15.

“We gotta keep Klay. Gonna reiterate that. Then we gotta take care of Klay,” Iguodala said.

We gotta continue to grow together. I kinda look at the Heat the first year, they had struggled, people were always saying they were underachieving. I think we went through that, but we were able to weather the storm. Mark Jackson did a really good job of that. I was the new guy coming in; how was I gonna interact with the guys? Being put into that slot that someone else had the year before, it was kinda tough to deal with that. But that’s part of the process, and that’s only gonna make us better in the future. So we’re gonna continue to grow as teammates, and continue to learn from one another, and continue to sacrifice for one another.

Speaking of the Warriors’ former head coach, a caller suggested to Iguodala that Jackson got a raw deal when he was fired. Iggy’s take:

“I think that was a difficult situation for a lot of the players,” Iguodala said. “But at the same time, this was something that was kinda brewing throughout the whole season, and it was always in the paper. So it was something we had to deal with as players.

“Like, when we played against the Clippers in the postseason, and the Donald Sterling situation happened, people were like, ‘Well, how the Clippers gonna play? How are they gonna react? It’s gonna be mentally draining for them,'” Iguodala continued. “And rightfully so, it was like, yeah, that’s tough, but I was talking to Coach Jackson. He’s like, ‘What about our guys? We’ve been dealing with me supposedly getting fired all year.’ You know how hard that is. It helped us build character, make us stronger. That’s why I said we’re gonna be better as teammates in the future. We know how to take care of each other, have each other’s back.”

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