All in a Gay’s Work: Andy Cohen takes Gay Test and recalls View flub on Dirty, Sexy, Funny

The man who has Madonna over for house parties and vacations with John Mayer on the regs recently stopped by Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy as well as the Howard Stern Show. While this is a pretty typical Tuesday for Andy Cohen, he told McCarthy about a not-so-typical time when he pissed off one of the many celebrities he’s met.

“I was co-hosting The View, and it was the day after the Golden Globes. Barbra [Walters] says on the air that she didn’t understand American Hustle. So then I turned to her during Hot Topics and say, ‘Maybe it’s a generational thing.’ Which I then realized is exactly the thing you do not say to Barbra Walters on live television,” Cohen said. “We were off the air in about a minute, and Barbra let me have it.”

McCarthy also made the Bravo host take a Gay Test. Cohen only received two out of three points. Of course, he’s seen at least five musicals this year and spent over $40 on his last haircut (#obvi). But when asked about the best men’s messenger bag designer, his response shocked the Dirty, Sexy, Funny host.

“What’s a messenger bag?” Cohen asked.

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