John Lackey turned some heads with his comments about Nelson Cruz earlier this week. After Cruz torched Lackey for three hits, a homer and a double in the first game of a Saturday doubleheader, the Boston pitcher said the following:

I’m not even going to comment on him. I’ve got nothing to say about him. There’s things I would like to say, but I’m not going to. You guys forget pretty conveniently about stuff.

To what was Lackey referring? Presumably, Cruz’s 50-game performance-enhancing drug suspension last year.

Adam Schein didn’t take too kindly to Lackey’s comments.

“Where’s the John Lackey rant on Big Papi?,” asked Schein.

If you remember, in 2003, David Ortiz tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Schein continued:

Where is it, clown? Where is it, fraud? Where’s the rants on Big Papi? You wanna start throwing stones? Get ’em all out of the game? You wanna start saying that everybody’s tainted, and they shouldn’t be playing anymore? Where’s the rant on Big Papi? You wanna impress me? I want you to stand in the clubhouse tonight, and I want you to say to the gathered news media, “You know who’s a fraud? David Ortiz. Because he uses performance-enhancing drugs. And I’m walking out of the clubhouse, and I’m giving all of my money back, because I refuse to play with anybody who’s ever used performance-enhancing drugs.”

He wasn’t done.

I want you to say, that, “I’m giving back my championship with the Anaheim Angels.” I want you to say, that, “Because the biggest fraud in the country is Troy Glaus, because he was in the Mitchell Report.” That’s what I want to hear you say. “I’m walking away, I’m done, here’s my championship ring from 2002, here’s my championship ring from last year, and I’m giving it all back. Take my career, and flush it down the toilet, because I don’t wanna be associated with PED users.”

“Really, John Lackey?,” Schein added. “Come on, don’t be a fraud. Bag it, John Lackey. Bag it, loser.”

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