Mad Dog Sports Radio host Adam Schein is normally a Carmelo Anthony apologist. “When they say Melo is a loser,” Schein said, “I say, ‘Garbage.’ I say, ‘Look at what he’s done in the Olympics. Look at what he did raising the bar in Denver. Who did he have on those teams with the Knicks?'”

Friday was not a normal day.

Schein used the end of his Schein on Sports monologue to “absolutely destroy the selfish Carmelo Anthony.” Reason being? Anthony’s decision to participate in the NBA All-Star Game.

After calling Melo’s decision “selfish,” “embarrassing,” “counterproductive,” “sickening” and “everything that’s wrong with the Knicks,” Schein took Melo to task for deciding he’s going to shut down the rest of his season (due to a knee injury) only after playing this weekend.

“He’s not even going to fake it,” Schein said, “and give us the week, 10 days, ‘I’m gutting it out.’ He’s going to play, and then he’s going to shut it down. Let me tell you something: That’s repulsive.”

Anthony needs surgery to repair his left knee, where he’s been dealing with soreness for the duration of the season. He told ESPN Radio that he intends to play, “even if it’s just a few minutes,” on Sunday, then will “very likely” sit out the rest of the season. Schein suggested that Anthony’s decision to play has something to do with the hype surrounding Melo and the game in the Big Apple.

“They got an ad campaign on billboards, subways, here in New York City,” Schein said. “And it’s all, Melo this, Melo that, Melo wants to recruit All-Stars who are gonna be free agents this offseason, next offseason, Durant, Gasol, wants to recruit ’em to New York. Hey, Melo: You can still do that even if you’re injured!”

“He’s prioritizing the All-Star Game over actual games for the Knicks. This is a glorified scrimmage. We’re talking about an exhibition game. It’s fake! Fake, fake, fake, fake!” Schein added. “Melo, what the hell are you doing?”

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