FOX has not shied away from controversial baseball figures in their World Series coverage this year, featuring both Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez as analysts.

And while the Yankee star may be lacking experience in his current role, Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Adam Schein is loving A-Rod’s work so far – along with the rest of the broadcast team.

“I cannot get enough of A-Rod on television. It was a visionary, phenomenal hire by FOX,” said Schein. “The game ends, East Coast, a little before 11, and I found myself last night watching the FOX, and then the FS1 postgame, until midnight last night.”

Schein continued.

“This is the guy that I destroy for a living on a regular basis. He didn’t play last year because he was suspended by Major League Baseball for using performance-enhancing drugs. Again, a year later, he’s the star of the FOX postgame show. I’ve officially seen it all.”

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