Adam Schein baffled by Browns’ decision to deal Trent Richardson

“How the hell does a Cleveland Browns fan exist?”

That’s what Adam Schein, the host of Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Schein on Sports, wanted to know in the aftermath of yesterday’s huge trade that saw Trent Richardson dealt from the Cleveland Browns to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a first-round pick.

Schein continued to say that the Browns gave up too soon on the second-year back.

This is not a win. This is a loss. This is a huge loss. It is a loss on so many levels, I don’t have enough time in three hours. But here’s my attempt. You traded the best player on the team, OK. And I don’t want to hear that Trent Richardson has struggled in his year and two games in Cleveland. The quarterback is Brandon Weeden. Barry Sanders would struggle with Brandon Weeden at the QB position. Jim Brown in his prime would struggle with Brandon Weeden. A defense stacks the box, everybody and their mother knew that Trent Richardson was gonna run the football. Trent Richardson is going to be a great player. You don’t give up talent like that.

“I feel so bad for the diehard fans of the Cleveland Browns,” Schein said. “I don’t know how you guys and you gals do it.”

Schein also criticized the media for suggesting the Browns received a good return for their running back, and suggested that prior to the trade, Cleveland arguably had a better team in place than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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