Actress and Chicago P.D. star Sophia Bush stopped by SiriusXM Indie’s The Covino & Rich Show recently to discuss motherhood in Hollywood, the mistakes young women tend to make in life, and the actor in Hollywood who she admires the most.

A big proponent of women’s empowerment, Bush debates the difficulty most women in Hollywood face when dealing with motherhood. “It’s interesting to me because… If I were a dude, you wouldn’t be asking me about my ovaries right now,” Bush said.

According to Bush, the mistakes young women make in life all stem from their wanting to be perfect. “We make mistakes in thinking we have to be perfect all the time… women are so worried about being a bitch that they don’t ever want to dig in,” said Bush.

Later, actor Matt Damon was a natural choice for Bush when asked who was the one actor she admired the most in Hollywood. “Look at the way he talks about his wife,” Bush said.

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