Premieres Tuesday 7/1 at 5 pm ET on Octane, Ch. 37
Replays Tuesday 7/1 at 8 pm ET, Wednesday 7/2 at 9 am and 12 pm ET, Thursday 7/3 at 9 pm ET, Friday 7/4 at 12 am ET

Seether’s gearing up to release a brand-new album, and they’re celebrating with Octane at a special SiriusXM Artist Confidential!

Premiering Tuesday 7/1 at 5 pm ET on Octane, Ch. 37, Seether’s Artist Confidential will have the band playing an acoustic set in front of a live studio audience at the SiriusXM Studios, featuring some of their classics plus songs from their new album, Isolate and Medicate.

Now, while you’re bound to learn a few new things about Seether during their Artist Confidential, why not take a look back at their history? Here are 9 things you absolutely must know about Seether before their Octane Artist Confidential.

1. Seether hail from Pretoria, South Africa.

2. Seether originally formed in 1999 under the name Saron Gas.

3. Seether take their influence from Nirvana and Alice in Chains.

4. Seether’s first full-length debut, Disclaimer, came out in the summer of 2002, and Fine Again was its lead single. #EarlyAughtsNostalgia

5. Seether’s sixth studio album, Isolate and Medicate, comes out on Tuesday 7/1. Hear its lead single below.

6. Lead vocalist Shaun Morgan once dated Evanescence singer Amy Lee. (But they’re no longer together. #Sadz)

7. The guys released a career-comprehensive compilation in October 2013 called Seether: 2002-2013.


8. In 2009, Seether visited Okinawa to play for American troops as part of a USO tour at Camp Schwab, then performed in MCAS Iwakuni for the US Marines.

9. According to Billboard, Morgan confessed that Isolate and Medicate was mainly inspired by their old label, Wind-Up Records, selling them to another label, Bicycle Music Company and Concord Record Group. Apparently that left the band feeling “really pissed off.”

Wanna know more about Seether? Just tune into Octane’s Artist Confidential, premiering Tuesday 7/1 at 5 pm ET.

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