My Nguyen, creator of the popular Instagram account My Healthy Dish, stopped by SiriusXM Stars to dish (no pun intended) about all things healthy eating with Just Jenny host Jennifer Koppelman Hutt.

Nguyen first shares how her now incredibly popular Instagram (currently at over one million followers) came to be.

“I started the Instagram page about two years ago, sharing recipes and some pictures of my twins. I just noticed that the photos of the food that I was sharing was getting a lot of feedback and traffic. So, I started more focusing on food, changing the name to My Healthy Dish.”

Below are some of Nguyen’s healthy eating tips:

1. Everything is okay in moderation: “My issue is that — and I think a lot of people come across this — is there’s always something wrong with the food we’re eating — gluten, GMOs, organic. I always say, everything is okay in moderation. Living a life with so much restriction is impossible, and that’s why we have this binge-eating or, like, cheat meals or whatever. It’s because no one can live on restrictions.”

2. Modify the foods that you love: “My basic formula is eat whatever you want — I don’t say go to McDonald’s and order half the menu — everything in moderation, but also modify the foods that you love. I think that’s why My Healthy Dish works so well, is that I kind of take away that temptation. If you make healthy food taste good, there’s no temptation to binge on other foods.”

3. Prep some meals: “People say they don’t have time. ‘I don’t have time to eat healthy.’ Let’s prep some meals. It’s so easy to chop some fruits and vegetables, put it in a Mason jar or a Ziploc bag, throw it in the freezer, and when you’re ready just throw it in the blender and add your liquid. That saves you so much time in the morning. Quicker than going to a fast food drive-in.”

4. Cut out processed foods: “There’s always a debate on dairy and gluten, if we need it or not … I’m more concerned about what [gluten] comes with than gluten itself. If you cut out gluten, it’s really all the processed foods that’s gluten’s attached to. I think that’s why it’s so beneficial to cut out gluten, but it’s more important to cut out processed foods.”

5. Focus on one-ingredient foods: “If you focus on one-ingredient foods, you’re pretty much safe. There’s nothing processed to it. Sweet potato, banana, kale, chicken, fish. I don’t want to go so deep into investigating all my food. Is this non-GMO? Is this organic? Is this naturally raised? It gets to the point where it gives you a headache just going to the grocery store.”

6. Slowly make adjustments: My main thing is lifestyle. There’s no short-term, shortcuts, no quick fixes. If you are a person who’s used to drinking three Cokes a day, and then tomorrow you want to wake up and drink only water and work out two hours a day. My thing would be drink one Coke a day and walk for 20 minutes. Slowly make adjustments until your body adjusts. And then make another adjustment, it’s about long-term commitment.”

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