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Media icon Perri Peltz hosted a special broadcast on SiriusXM Stars with the Women’s Media Center co-founder Robin Morgan and CBS This Morning‘s Norah O’Donnell.

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A recent report from the Women’s Media Center highlights some of the disproportionate stats in journalism: men receive 63 percent of byline credits; 60 percent of news anchors are male; women comprised only 36 percent of newsroom staffs.

There is clearly still a lot of progress to be made. O’Donnell and Morgan offered some terrific advice not only to women in journalism, but women in every workplace.


“Always think about how you talk about other women, whether it’s your friends or your co-workers,” says Norah O’Donnell.

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It’s easy to gossip, throw shade, or even just feel envious of other women’s accomplishments. However, these negative words and nasty feelings don’t get much done. Get excited about what your fellow lady friends are doing – and what you have to offer, too.


Be it speaking up in a staff meeting or starting your company’s own Women’s Affinity Group or mentorship program, there are many opportunities for implementing change in the workplace.


Encourage others to do their best – you never know when you’ll need to lean on their shoulders.


“Women will preface an opinion by saying ‘Well, this could be wrong’ or ‘I could be crazy.’ But you don’t hear guys doing that,” Morgan says.

Advocate for yourself always. Apologize only when necessary.



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Hear the full broadcast Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29 at 6pm ET on SiriusXM Stars!

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