In honor of the recent news about Voyager–which has a gold record onboard in case it encounters intelligent life outside our solar system–we asked SiriusXM hosts what song from their playlist they would send into outer space?

Out Q = N’SYNC’s Space Cowboy
“There’s no doubt there’s intelligent life out there, and I don’t see any reason why they can’t get down like us sinners here on earth–so I’m going to send them Space Cowboy by N’SYNC featuring Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes!” – OutQ host Lance Bass

Studio 54The Bee Gees’ You Should Be Dancing
“If intelligent life is out there, the song I would choose for them has to be You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gees. I like the visual of aliens dancing and it carries the message of joy across the galaxy.” – Studio 54 host Myra Scheer

Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing"

The Spectrum = Katy Perry’s California Girls
“What? One song? There are so many important songs that mark the growth of music and of us as a culture. I think…California Girls by Katy Perry. I know this is not something we play on the Spectrum but it’s just such a great song!” – The Spectrum host Mark Goodman

The Highway = Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise
“I would send Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise, since it just broke a record that has stood since BEFORE Voyager was even launched: It’s now the longest-running Country #1 in chart history, and a song that Earthlings heard first on The Highway!” – The Highway host Al Skop

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