If you could have anyone guest DJ with you, living or dead, who would it be and why? 

The Heat = Diplo
“I’d love to guest DJ a live festival set with Diplo. Diplo’s sets are high-energy, organized chaos, from jumping into a large bubble to walking on the crowd and asking the entire audience to take off their shirts! A Diplo set means no rules and anything goes. I try to bring that same energy to my festival sets. He is the master and ring leader of it, all praise Diplo.” – The Heat host Chris Styles

Deep TracksWalter Cronkite.
“We know the music, he would know what we have forgotten about the news during the times through which boomers lived and when the Deep Tracks were new (along with a lot of our brain cells).” – Deep Tracks host Earle Bailey

Liquid Metal = Dimebag Darrell
“The obvious choice for me is fallen guitar legend Dimebag Darrell from my fave band in the universe, Pantera! He’s my idol and to be able to share some mutual life-moving music moments together while the world listens would be pretty freakin’ amazing. Plus, I know it’ll turn into a full-blown party on and off the radio!” –  Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin

80s on 8 = Keith Richards & Simon Le Bon
“That’s a tough one… could go anywhere between George Harrison or Ray Davies, my heroes. Jim Morrison ’cause he was so cool, throw in Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon as well. But when it comes down to it, the guy I’d most like to share the mic with… the personification of rock and roll himself… is the one and only Keith Richards. Love the guy!!” –  ’80s on 8 host Nina Blackwood

“Simon Le Bon! Simon and his band Duran Duran are as identifiable with the ’80s as Donkey Kong. But what ’80s bands did Simon enjoy listening to? I can guess Spandau Ballet, but did Simon ever groove to Funky Cold Medina or Hot for Teacher on the Duran Duran tour bus? Please please tell me now!” – ’80s on 8 host Martha Quinn

Simon Le Bon

Simon Le Bon

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