3 things we learned from Jason Ellis’ interview with Randy Couture

Randy Couture, one of the co-stars of everybody’s favorite over-the-top action trilogy, The Expendables, is a bad ass. Still, he had some time to talk plastic surgery with Jason Ellis on The Jason Ellis Show this week on Faction. That circumstances around that discussion, and two more things we learned from the interview:

Nope, Couture won’t fix his ears for a movie role

They could probably do anything, I’d probably end up looking like Spock if they got real carried away. I mean, I could have them fixed, but I kinda earned them, I kinda like them, I know my girlfriend likes them.

Sylvester Stallone broke his neck while filming the first installment of Expendables

I know he was injured in the first, and he had a little injury to the shoulder in the second. He broke his neck in the first movie in the fight scene with Steve Austin. Had to have pins and the whole deal.

Couture auditioned for another major blockbuster out now

I read for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. I can’t even remember which role I read for, but I read for one of the roles in there, obviously didn’t get it. I’ve read for all kinds of stuff, and it’s a tough business. You learn to kind of deal with the rejection.

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