Liquid Metal


Korn at No. 1 on LIQUID METAL: Mayhem Fest Weekend The Devil’s Dozen (8/8/14)

August 12, 2014

In this week’s Mayhem Fest Weekend-themed Devil’s Dozen Liquid Metal countdown, Korn is at number one with Blind. Cannibal Corpse is very much alive and remains at number two with Sadistic Embodiment, while Suicide Silence falls from the top spot to round out the top three with Don’t Die.

12. Wretched – “Cranial Infestation”
11. Darkest Hour – “Wasteland”
10. Ill Nino – “Not Alive In My Nightmare”
09. King 810 – “Fat Around The Heart”
08. Mushroomhead – Our Apologies”
07. Trivium – “Brave This Storm”
06. Emmure – “A Gift A Curse”
05. Upon A Burning Body – “Bring The Rain”
04. Body Count – “Institutionalized 2014”
03. Suicide Silence – “Don’t Die”
02. Cannibal Corpse – “Sadistic Embodiment”
01. Korn – “Blind”

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