Donald Jones looking to inspire with switch from NFL to baseball

April 21, 2014

Last summer, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Donald Jones was forced to retire from the NFL due to a kidney disease.

This summer, there’s a chance you’ll see him on a baseball diamond.

Jones joined SiriusXM NFL Radio this weekend to take Zig Fracassi and Alex Marvez through the end of his football career, and beginning of what may be a baseball career.

“I had a kidney transplant back in December – December 3rd – and I had some complications during the surgery,” Jones explained. “So I had to have another surgery about three days later, and every [thing has] been good ever since.

“I guess I was in denial, which a lot of people are when they come to health issues,” Jones continued. “And I kept playing, I was having fun … I can’t lie to you, I was partying, and drinking, and not eating right, and doing everything you’re not supposed to do when you have a kidney disease. And at the time, over the course of the year, it just got worse.”

Jones, who received a kidney transplant from his father, said he’s switched to baseball in an effort to inspire others.

“I was good in baseball when I was young. I stopped playing, really, my last year of high school, and I really stuck with football. I had the love for football, and that’s why I stuck with it. But really, what I’m doing now – the biggest reason I’m playing baseball is to show people with any kind of health issues that it’s not necessarily a death sentence, that’s the biggest thing. […] As long as you take care of yourself and doctors give you the OK, you can still achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

Jones is now working on a book about his story, entitled The Game of Life.