Robin Williams SiriusXM Town Hall


Robin Williams: Two famous roles that got away

September 27, 2013

He’s been Mork, Mrs Doubtfire, Genie in Aladdin, and other great roles on the comedic side of the spectrum. Then there’s his dramatic roles in Good Will Hunting and Patch Adams. But even for a star as big as Robin Williams, some roles slipped out of his hands and into the hands of other (also capable) actors. Listen to the clip to hear what Jack Nicholson and Jim Carey roles he was considered for.

It’s just too bad they can’t make the same movie twice, as good as the original actors were, we’d love to see Robin Williams take a stab at these characters! Below are a few more excperts from his SiriusXM Town Hall with moderator Whoopi Goldberg for Entertainment Weekly Radio.