In honor of Hip-Hop Appreciation Month, KRS-One (formerly of Boogie Down Productions) is here to school us on why hip-hop is important.

I mean, we’re sure you never doubted hip-hop’s importance and/or place in music history, but it really helps to have these things spelled out once in a while, ya know?

We’re also pretty sure that no one’s ever delved into why hip-hop is important from an economic point of view. For instance, according to KRS-One, not only can hip-hop help one to pay off their student debt, but it’s one of the last purely human skills that doesn’t require any technology.

Let’s explore these ideas a bit further, shall we?

1.) Hip-hop is a human skill: “In the age of technology, it’s always important to hold on to your human skills. What part of you remains human as you go through this technological process we call our age? So right off the top, hip-hop being a human skill is the most important to human beings. It’s your natural expression.”

2.) Hip-hop is no longer an entertainment pastime: “Hip-hop is full-time, lifetime employment. I’m talking to college students right now who are piling up college debt. When you get to your college graduation and they give you your receipt — I mean your degree, you’re gonna understand what I’m talkin’ about. If you master the elements of hip-hop, that can pay for your college tuition.”

Watch KRS-One expand on both ideas below.

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