14 things you might not have known about Ronda Rousey

Monday at 4 pm ET on SiriusXM Sports Zone, SiriusXM’s resident MMA star Jason Ellis hosts UFC superstar Ronda Rousey for a SiriusXM Town Hall event.

Some of Rousey’s biggest fans will be in attendance in New York, where they’ll take part in an exclusive Q&A session with the UFC bantamweight champion.

In preparation for Monday’s Town Hall, we pulled together 14 facts about the consensus No. 1 pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world. Have a look, and share your Rowdy facts with @MMAonSiriusXM on Twitter.

1. Rousey’s mother was the first American woman to win a World Judo Championship

In 1984, Rousey’s mother, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars (then AnnMaria Burns) won gold in her age group at the World Judo Championships.

2. Rousey’s opponents can credit Rowdy’s mom with teaching her the armbar

After submitting Sarah Kaufman in 54 seconds via armbar in 2012, Rousey told fightline.com that it was her mother who first taught her the move. Rousey told the website:

If your mom woke you up in the morning jumping on top of you and being like, “Always be ready. Armbar now!” — that’s kind of like how it gets ingrained in your brain.

3. As if that’s not enough, Rousey’s mom would also surprise her with rear-naked chokeholds

Rousey told Conan O’Brien that growing up, she’d always watch TV with her back against the wall to prevent surprise attacks from her mother. Rousey also joked to Conan, “Oh and I don’t know how to do laundry. I guess she skipped that part.”

4. Rousey is a Pokemon junkie

“I’ve gotten every single version of every generation of the game,” Rousey told a reporter. Her first Pokemon card was a Dragonair, and her first Pokemon in her first Pokemon video game – Pokemon Blue for Game Boy Color – was a Charmander. She spilled some dirt on how to beat Pokemon Snap during the interview:

5. Rousey was the youngest judoka at the 2004 Olympic games

Rousey qualified for the 2004 Games in Athens at 17 years old. That same year, she won gold at the World Junior Judo Chamionships.

6. Four years later, Rousey became the first American to win an Olympic medal in women’s judo

In Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, Rousey won a bronze medal with a defeat over Annett Boehm by Yuko.

7. She celebrated the bronze medal by going vegan

She remained a vegan for eight months, but had to abandon the diet after getting Bronchitis. Rousey joked in an interview with mmaplayground.com, “Unfortunately, I was working two-to-three bartending jobs at once during that time, and didn’t have many options in the vegan genre besides Jameson Whiskey and sweet potato fries.”

8. Rousey won her amateur MMA debut in 23 seconds in 2010

Rousey took on Hayden Munoz in her first MMA fight. She called Munoz a “cool chick,” because Munoz was one of the only people who would accept a fight with Rousey. (And who can blame the people who turned Rowdy down – she was already an Olympic bronze medalist.)

How did Rousey win? Armbar, naturally. A YouTuber uploaded the video a few days after her win, and wrote, “On August 6, 2010 Olympian Ronda Rousey made her MMA debut as an amateur for Combat Fight League’s Ground Zero. Her first opponent was Hayden Munoz. Don’t blink and make sure to follow this girl. She’s for real.” Pretty good guess.

9. Something we learned in that first fight: You don’t throw a kick at Rousey

“No one’s ever thrown a kick I haven’t caught,” Rousey told ESPNW.

10. Rousey has talked about when she’ll retire

In 2013, Rousey told MMAjunkie that she would consider retiring from UFC in two years. But before you sound the alarms, she has since amended that suggestion, telling SB Nation’s MMAfighting.com that she’ll retire when she feels she’s the best mixed martial artist ever.

11. Before going pro, Rousey held several jobs

In an interview with ufc.com, Rousey said that she’s been a bartender, cocktail waitress, canine physical therapy assistant, and employee at 24 Hour Fitness.

12. Fedor is Rousey’s hero

Rousey said of Fedor Emelianenko, the legendary mixed martial artist, “I would have 57 of his babies if he’d let me.

13. Rousey’s first tweet has just three re-tweets!

She sent her first tweet on June 3rd, 2011.

For reference, her May the Fourth tweet has 427 re-tweets (and counting).

14. The most famous victim of Rousey’s armbar? Probably Jimmy Fallon

Rousey got Jimmy Fallon to tap out (by saying Rumpelstiltskin) on The Tonight Show.

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