Pop sibling collective R5, aka Ross, Riker, Rydel, and Rocky Lynch (and their non-biological brother Ellington Ratliff), stopped by SiriusXM Hits 1 today for a super-informative Facebook chat.

During their chat, the (I Can’t) Forget About You singers sat together and touched on everything from their Halloween plans to whether or not they’ve ever been in love to how much a polar bear weighs. (Yeah, they covered a lot of ground.)

In case you missed the chat on Hits 1’s Facebook, we compiled a short list of the best quotes. Can you guess who said what?

“What are we NOT doing for Halloween? If we told you, we’d have to kill you.”

“Pineapple and pizza if we put a little jalapeno, so spicy!”

“When you’re around so much testosterone, your body has to compensate.”

“We’ve always had aspirations to be a successful band.”

“Who sleep talks the most? Definitely Ross.”

“I can have conversations with Rocky while he’s asleep”

“Riker used to wake up the morning and sneeze 10 times, now he sleeps in another room.”

“In & Out or Chick-Fil-A? In-N-Out Burger all the WAY.”

“These questions are so interesting because it would depend on my girlfriend. So I can’t answer that.”

“How much does a polar bear weigh? As much to break the ice!”

“Most amazing memory while being on this tour: VEGAS.”

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