11 summer digital detoxes, thanks to Randi Zuckerberg’s Dot Complicated

Who better than the titular host of “Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg,” to offer tips for a summer digital detox?  Her weekly one-hour show, heard exclusively on SiriusXM’s Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School, offers advice to help untangle our modern tech lives and new normal with technology as a true asset and helper, not a burden or distraction.

Drawing on years of experience in the tech sector as an entrepreneur and mother, Zuckerberg also provides a forum to explore how technology and social media overwhelms, and sometimes controls, peoples’ lives.  “Dot Complicated” also delves into the latest high tech innovations for kids, parents and even pets, examining what is new in technology that can be incorporated into their daily lives — and what gadgets, technology and media she and her guests “Like” or “Dislike.”

11 ways to a summer digital detox

1.            THROW A ROUTER RAGER: Have an impromptu family gathering by shutting off the wifi to the house and then standing in the room where the router lives.

2.            STACK YOUR PHONES AND STAND BACK: For your next summer BBQ or dinner party, have everyone stack their phone in the middle of the table. They’ll buzz and they’ll peep. But try to resist the urge to grab yours. After all, the first one to reach for it does all the dishes—or pays for the meal, if you’re eating out.

3.            PLAY OUTSIDE: If you’ve got children home this summer, designate certain hours as “play outside” time. Weather permitting, leave the devices inside, have fun in the sun — with SPF 40, of course! — and challenge your kids to use their imaginations.

4.            SAY “CHEESE” INSTEAD OF “SELFIE”: Use a digital camera to stage real-life, Instagram-style shoots. For families, try printing out the photos and have the kids decorate the pics.

5.            WRITE LETTERS: Not only does it give you an excuse to shop for fancy stationary, but everyone loves to get something in the mail that’s not a bill. Trust us.

6.            AVOID BOREDOM WITH BOARD GAMES: Instead of playing “Words With Friends” with random people online, try having some fun with the real people around you. Invest in some board games—particularly Scrabble—and play it one move at a time throughout the day/week.

7.            DJ YOUR NEXT SOIREE: If you’re planning a get together with your gal pals, share a playlist where everyone contributes 5 songs. Then, when you’re all together, have it act as the soundtrack to your evening’s activities. Plus, by sharing it with the group, you’ll have the ability to constantly revisit the fun you had, mixtape-style. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, design a unique cover and keep the contributions going so you’ll eventually create your own radio station of friend-approved and recommended tunes!

8.            RESPECT THE “AWAY” MESSAGE: Over the weekend(s), set an “Out of Office” message on your email, letting people know that you don’t check your inbox regularly outside office hours and you’ll get back to them on Monday. That way, you’re setting people’s expectations and creating healthy boundaries.

9.            DO A DIGITAL DETOX: For those hardcore gadget addicts, try to take an entire “Digital Detox Day” where you don’t touch any of your devices from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. You might feel a bit shaky at the beginning of the day, but by the end, you’ll feel refreshed, energized and wowed.

10.         GETAWAY FROM TECHNOLOGY… LITERALLY: If you want to wean yourself off your devices, but don’t have the willpower to do it on your own, check out some of these fun options: Camp Grounded, The Family Digital Detox Package (at the Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA), or The Black Out Digital Detox Package (at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago, IL).

11.         TAKE A DIP: Stay cool in the pool—unless you’re that person who puts their phone in a Ziploc bag or buys one of these Scuba cases to send emails underwater. If you live close to water, hit the beach or a local swimming spot. Swim laps or just lay out and relax. Either way, you’ll be glad you unplugged long enough to enjoy the spoils of summer.

Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg is premiering Wednesday 7/23 on SiriusXM’s Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School.

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